Upravit stránku

We are a family business from northern Bohemia, which is engaged in producing of one of the most favorite chips, which have been produced in our country for many decades and we called them The original pub chips. Currently we produce 4 different types of chips. Today they are made on special fryers where there is no oil burning, which is one of the main reasons why our chips have such a great taste.

Chips are made in several flavors and several pack sizes to best suit customers' wishes. Our flavors are salted, bacon, garlic, cheese and mustard flavored chips. Their excellent and unique flavor is ensured by a temperature curve whose development took us over 10 years. The chips are hand-packed in their own boxes.

Rapeseed oil, which we have been using since the beginning of our production, contains a significant amount of monounsaturated and essential fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3.

The entire process starts by selecting a potato supplier. From 1000kg bags, these potatoes pass through a scraper and then cleanse. Clean potatoes are cut on the line to several millimeters thick slices that pass through the fryer. After a few minutes, these chips pass into the next part of the production, i.e. inspection through the laser and optical equipment before flavoring and subsequent weighing. This part is entirely automated, only under the supervision and repair work of the employees on individual sites. The final work is actually manual - labeling packs and their identification, folding boxes, storing them in these boxes and finishing for the expedition.

All of these works are performed within a sheltered workshop. This means that all employees are disabled people in different ways. Already, we have about 150 employees and that amount is expected to grow. It is really fantastic to see that there are people with disabilities who started their work with the help of assistants but after a certain period of time they have managed to manage their work without their help.

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